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Petr and Steve’s Calisthenics Highlights 2016

We’ve had a great year of training in 2016, with lots of new students and progress being made every week.

During the year, I managed to get quite a few videos onto my Instagram account.

In this series of posts, I’m going to show you some of the best moments from a selection of my students.

Starting with Petr and Steve.

I started training Steve end of year 2015, with Petr joining a few months later.

We quickly realised that they would be a great fit to train together. They have similar builds and current levels of strength.

Video Highlights

A video posted by Dave Mace (@dave_mace82) on

Here is Steve casually doing a one arm handstand at his office. Steve really took to the hand-balancing well and is certainly something we’ll look to push on with next year.

A video posted by Dave Mace (@dave_mace82) on

When Petr starting training with me, he could barely do a chin-up.

Things really started to click for him in this video and has since gone from strength to strength, recording a 1 rep max of 10kg pull-up at this year’s MP Calisthenics tournament.

A video posted by Dave Mace (@dave_mace82) on

Anything you can do, I can do better? The friendly rivalry these two have has really helped them push each other along.

Steve also managed a 10kg pull-up at the MP Calisthenics tournament.

A video posted by Dave Mace (@dave_mace82) on

It’s not all rivalry, with Petr and Steve working together here on partner assisted single leg step downs.

A video posted by Dave Mace (@dave_mace82) on

In preparation for Tough Mudder, Steve started working on his jumping power.

Here he is achieving an impressive 95cm. He has since taken this beyond the 1m mark.

A video posted by Dave Mace (@dave_mace82) on

The L-Sit is a challenging exercise for even someone of average height.

At 205cm tall, Petr had to work really hard to nail this move! There’s still a bit we can do to clean up his from, but this was an awesome achievement from Petr.

Other Notable Achievements

  • Steve completed his first Tough Mudder. At the beginning of the year, he struggled to run 3km. Tough Mudder is a challenging 19km of mud running and obstacles! He’s already signed up for next year.
  • Petr finished third in this year’s MP Calisthenics tournament. The highlight of which was his awesome box jump (video coming soon).
  • They’ve both visibly packed on a heap of muscle and shredded their bodyfat. This has been down to their training as well as an improved diet.


So what next for Petr and Steve? We have another tournament in March, so will be good to see an improvement on their PBs from this year’s tournament.

Their pull-ups improve every week, with that in mind I’d really like to set them a goal to both be able to do 10 clean pull-ups in a row by the end of the year.

This would mean we would be in a position to teach them a muscle-up.

Steve also wants to work a bit more on hand-balancing, so will certainly be looking to make inroads on his free-standing handstand.

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