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City2Surf 2013

After months of training for the City2Surf it finally came around today, I was aiming for under 60 and I did it in… 60 minutes and 3 seconds according to my Garmin!! The official time doesn’t come out until Tuesday but I don’t think it’s likely that I could have added 3 seconds.

Despite this I still beat my PB by over a minute so it’s still a very good result, I’m slightly disappointed but I gave it my all and literally did a sprint finish to try and get over in time.

As for the race itself, I love the City2Surf, when it’s over! I think I often forget what a difficult race it is, it’s awash with hills and I say this everytime but I abosutely hate the finish. The last KM you’ve just finished a long downhill section where you’ll have been busting a gut to try and improve your time (I did this KM in 3:47). Then just as it looks like you’re near the end you have a flat KM which goes past the finish line before looping back on itself, you can literally hear the announcer as you pass it, it’s always seems like the longest part of the race.

I’ll probably have a day or two off any training before resuming my bodyweight training, maybe go for an easy run this week at some point to get me back into it, the season isn’t quite over yet…

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