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Running for Premature Babies – Leg Wax

I previously posted that I will be running the Sydney Half Marathon in May for a charity called Running for Premature Babies. Yury and I decided in order to raise more money we would have a couple of milestones upon reaching certain targets. At $200, which I have now reached, I will be running the race in a onesie. Finally, at the goal of $350 I am getting my legs waxed! Yury has already reached his target so he will be getting his chest waxed and has booked in for the appointment this Saturday.

At the time of writing I just need another $71 to have to join him with the wax. Now I wouldn’t usually be encouraging people to cause me so much pain but this really is for a great cause, the equipment that the charity has bought from the money raised has saved many lives over the years. Every little helps so even if you can only spare a few dollars then please do. My fundraising page is located here

Should I get the money, the waxing will be videoed and uploaded to my YouTube channel, so you will get the opportunity to see my agony. Thank you in advance for any donations.

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