Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Pistol Squats

Today I took a video of myself doing a few pistol squats. The form isn’t perfect, my standing leg certainly struggles for stability and my idle leg needs to be […]

Calisthenics Active Recovery

In running there is the concept of the recovery run, this is performed the day after a strenuous run and is a light short run to improve blood flow into […]

Clutch Flag Progress

Today I started my session with some clutch flag training, been a while since I uploaded a video of my flag progress so here is my latest. I’m going to […]

Negative One Arm Pullups

I posted last week that I had had a bad day of training and included a video of my poor effort at one arm negative pullups. This week I decided […]

Why I Love Training

Had one of those days of training today where it just made me feel great. I started the day with a run. Straight away I could feel that it was […]

Human Flag Progress

In my Friday training session we start with work on the Human Flag. I’m working on the Clutch Flag first, although you’ll notice from my video that I haven’t actually […]

Paul “Coach” Wade

For those of you missed it Paul Wade, author of Convict Conditioning posted a guest article on Neil Bednar’s excellent CC blog, go read it here. Al Kavadlo also commented on […]

Mid-Year Training Update and Goals

As we approach the end of June I thought it’d be a good time to give an update as to where I currently am with my Convict Conditioning and what […]

Hanging V Raises

Last week I mentioned that I was going to try hanging V raises to try and take my leg raises to the next level. Having tried them, I can safely […]

Hanging Leg Raises

I’ve been at the master step of hanging leg raises for a few months now. In that time I’ve managed to build my reps up fairly well, last week managing […]