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Why I Love Training

Had one of those days of training today where it just made me feel great. I started the day with a run. Straight away I could feel that it was going to be a difficult one as I was quite fatigued from my PT session on Wednesday, therefore I listened to my body and just ran a little slower than I normally would. I ran about 12km in just over an hour and sure enough I felt pretty tired afterwards but was pleased that I did the distance I intended.

A few hours later I had my Thursday calisthenics upper body bootcamp which I run at work. My PT session was mainly leg work so I felt pretty fresh for this and it went well. I mentioned last week that I’ve modified my session slightly to work toward my main 2 goals in Convict Conditioning, a true form one arm pushup and a one arm pullup. This week I really felt I’m making progress, my negative one arm pullup for both arms was strong and I even managed to hold it half way down for a few seconds. I’ll see if I can get a video up next week.

One of my training mates made his come back to bootcamp today after a 2 month holiday. Andres’s main goal is to be able to do the muscle up, so I’ve written him a training plan using a mixture of the bar and rings to concentrate on this area, whilst still throwing some handstand, pushups and grip work in there. Will see how that goes but he’s a strong guy so I imagine he’ll nail the muscle up before long.

Finally we finished the session with grip work. I have to admit I’m a big fan of Convict Conditioning 2 grip work, it sounds so easy to hang from a bar. Every new person I get to my bootcamp thinks this and then struggles to move their arms for a day afterwards! I’m currently on level 3 which is one arm on the bar and one on a towel, managed 2 x 1 minute, 45 seconds and another minute. Next week I’ll nail that third hang and go for the 4 x 1 minutes. We superset this with fingertip pushups, I progressed to normal pushups rather than knee pushups and they felt strong.

Hmm, not sure I actually answered the title of this post yet but I guess I love it because it makes me feel great, is a great stress reliever (not that I really have that much stress in my life) and as I train with other it’s quite a social thing. I also have to admit that I love training others, I get a great satisfaction from seeing other people enjoying my bootcamps and sharing the benefits of the training. Tomorrow I’ve got my legs, core, bridges and human flag bootcamp where I’m now starting to get quite a few people attend, hopefully I’ll feel as great afterwards as I did today.

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