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Human Flag Progress

In my Friday training session we start with work on the Human Flag. I’m working on the Clutch Flag first, although you’ll notice from my video that I haven’t actually got the clutch hold here, that’s something I’ll try next time. We started training this by keeping the top arm on the horizontal part of the bar, this way you can use your whole arm as leverage. My attempt today was the 2nd time I’ve done it without using the horizontal bar.

In my first attempt I tried to extend my top leg and didn’t really succeed very well, ideally I should have tried my bottom leg first as that is slightly easier. You can’t see it very well but in my seconds attempt which is the side I am a lot stronger, I managed to hold my bottom leg out for a few seconds.

I have a gentlemen’s bet with a good friend of mine over who can do a Human Flag first, he’s a very strong guy but a lot bigger than I am so should be an interesting contest.

Finally you can see here how the Clutch Flag should look, expertly demonstrated by the Kavadlo brothers.

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