Bodyweight Strength Training – How to Build Muscular Strength With Calisthenics

Dave and Nathan Front Lever Sydney

Calisthenics has gained popularity in the last decade, featuring ever-increasing feats of strength. But how does this increase in strength happen, and how can we maximize it?

In this comprehensive article, I will explain why our body reacts to strength training in the way it does and discuss which training methods to use for freestyle or strength.

Get Better Sleep – The Definitive Guide

get better sleep the definitive guide

Inside this sleep series, you will discover many things including Tips & hacks to sleep better; what may be impeding your restfulness, and how to change it. What your circadian rhythm is and why it matters. Which supplements do and don’t work, and why. You will also find excerpts from peer-reviewed meta-analysis studies as well as anecdotal evidence from Nathan’s sleep data. The time to better your sleep is now.

12 Rules for Building Muscle

Calisthenics Muscle

If your main goal is to build bigger muscles, then follow these 12 rules and you’ll see the best muscle gains of your life!

12 Rules For Gaining Strength

Calisthenics Strength

Strength Training Want to learn the secrets to gaining true superhuman calisthenics strength? If your main goal is big show off muscles that can’t lift anywhere near what they should, then this isn’t […]