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The Day Before the Race

Tomorrow I have my final full on running race of the season (I’ve still got Tough Mudder next month but that’s a mixture of running and obstacles), this is the Blackmoores Running Festival in which I’m entering the half marathon. I’ve done a lot of training this year so feel ready for it and having rested for most of the week I feel as fresh as I’ve felt for a while. My PB for a half marathon is on the same course and is 1:35:27, my aim for this race is simply to beat 1:35. To do this I need to do each km under 4:30 which is hopefully very doable but we’ll find out tomorrow.

Thought I’d write a little about an area I don’t always get right which is what to eat in the days before the race. In the past I’ve been quite ill after races and I believe this is probably a mixture of eating too much fibrous food before the race and because I’ve pushed myself so hard. In the past I would always have a big pasta dish the night before to fill up the glycogen stores, this week I had my big pasta dish on Thursday and had a big rice dish yesterday. For eats today I’m avoiding wheat and minimising dairy, I’ve bought myself a nice whole organic chicken, which I’ll cook for lunch and dinner and I’ll have salad and probably a few potatoes with that.

I always start race day by getting up 2-3 hours before the race and having a bowl of porridge and honey, I’m still going to do that this time, unfortunately that means getting up around 4am as the race starts at 6:30! I’ll write a post tomorrow to update on how I did, I think as long as I stay injury free then I’m pretty confident of reaching my goal.

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