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Observatory Hill Outdoor Gym

Bodyweight Equipment

It features a variety of bodyweight exercise stations, including the following:

Observatory Hill Outdoor Gym Pull-up bars

This is the main pull-up station. It features a very high bar, useful for training muscle-ups and for some of our taller students.

The benches are mainly used for incline push-ups or dragon flag progressions.

The lower bars are useful for jumping muscle-up progressions.

Parallel Bars

The parallel bars are great for L-Sits, Dips, Inverted Rows and more.

2nd Pull-up Bar

The second pull-up bar station is great for those busier times.

Up and Over Bars

This one is useful for doing up and overs on the bar, or balancing on the various low bars.

Grass Area

Finally, there is a grassy area opposite the gym, which is great for all sorts of animal movements and hand-balancing.

If you’re interested in personal training with us, then check out the Personal Training section.

If you’d prefer to take a calisthenics class at Observatory Hill, then take a look at our Sydney Classes Page.

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