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Progressive Calisthenics S4 Method

I mentioned last week that we have started finishing my Friday session with a slightly modified version of the Progressive Calisthenics S4 Method. The S4 method as written by Paul Wade, is a routine for getting a very quick 5 minute (including warmup) workout. The idea is you work one area for 4 rounds of 1 minute, starting with strength, then stamina, speed and finally stretch.

I’ve modified this slightly as we’re doing this at the end of our workout as a finisher, so that we work 3 different areas instead of just the one. This week we started with a minute of single leg calf raises (swapped legs after 30 seconds), held a straight bridge for one minute, followed by a minute of cross body mountain climbers as fast as we could before holding the yoga cobra pose for a minute. The calf raises were a little too easy but the rest worked well, so far I’ve been changing the exercises every week, experimenting to see what works as well as giving us a little bit of variety.

On Thursday in my upper body session, I managed to progress in the uneven ring pullups again, managing 2 sets of 9 (each side), next week I’ll increase the gap again, which will be around 9 inches between each arm.

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