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Pictures From Recent Training Sessions

A couple of weeks ago, we took a few pictures from my training sessions at work; here are some of the best.

Tim performing a one arm handstand
Dave getting his first full handstand

The following pictures were a part of the circuit that I run every Friday; this circuit is rotated every 4 weeks.

Yury and Andres leading the way with Frog Jumps

Chris and I enjoying our Frog Jumps a little too much!
Everyone loves Burpees

Onto the Crab Walk

Yury and Andres first into the Box Jumps
Followed shortly by Cristina, Bogdan and I
Into the Commando Crawls

No circuit is complete without Pull-ups

At this point we stopped taking pictures, but the circuit was completed with an alternating side squat walk, inverted rows, 5 times up and down a flight of stairs, a hill sprint and finally a wheelbarrow walk.

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