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Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Movement Circuit – July 2014

I’d like to introduce a new feature to Maximum Potential Calisthenics, the videoing of my Movement Circuit; we perform this circuit as a finisher every Friday, it usually takes around 10 minutes. I then come up with a new circuit every 5 weeks.
This is the biggest video edit I’ve done and also the first time that we’ve attempted to film the circuit, so the video is a little rough around the edges and unfortunately my good friend Mr Red Shoes is on holiday at the moment, so I downloaded some royalty free music from incompetech.com.

Here is a breakdown of the moves performed in this circuit.

Backwards Crab Walk – This is a good move for shoulder mobility and works your glutes pretty well. Ideally we would have done this with our bums in the air a little more, something to work on next time.

Lizard Crawl – This move is inspired by the works of Ido Portal and MovNat, underestimate this one at your peril, the sped up part of this is at 10x and we’re still moving pretty slow.

Forward Roll – A great fun exercise, I need to work on my form a little for this one, especially leading with my right leg, at one point Brendon and I nearly bumped into each other. As an alternative I let my guys do cartwheels if they don’t feel like giving this one a go.

Crawl – A simple crawl with knees off the ground, watching the video I’ve noticed I definitely need to keep my bum a little lower on this one.

Uphill Broad Jumps – Not sure if you can tell how steep this hill is from this video but believe me, this is one steep hill. 2 footed broad jumps have you gasping for breath at the top and are a great explosive exercise; be sure to bend your knees as you land to cushion the forces.

Uphill Backward Run – We’ve worked the quads, now to do the hamstrings, by the time we get to the top here are hamstrings were absolutely burning.

Hopping – Finally just to finish us off, a little bit of hopping, first on our weakest foot, then the stronger one.

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