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Movement Circuit – October 2014

October’s movement circuit is online. Once again my good friends HINGe have leant me one of their tracks to use on the video. Check out the rest of their album on iTunes.

Here is a breakdown of the movement in this circuit:

  • Starting with simple backwards broad jumps. Make sure you squat when you land to cushion the impact and be careful to keep your balance. The rest of the team also did this, they’re just off camera at this stage.
  • Commando crawl for the veterans of my Movement Circuit, a standard crawl for the rest. I’ve included two clips from this one, as Grace was struggling at first to get the arm and leg sync, but by the end of the crawling she had picked it up. I have to admit my bum should be lower for my commando crawls, if I do this next week at Tough Mudder then I will get electrocuted for sure!
  • Next up, the inchworm crawl. Hats off to Brendon, he is excellent at this one and doesn’t find it that challenging due to his Yoga practise. The rest of us ended up with tired shoulders and core muscles.
  • Broad jumps again, this time going forward. Same rules apply, squat as you land to cushion the impact.
  • Onto the hill! First up, we either had the choice of a forward crawl or a lunge walk. Both are challenging exercises on a hill
  • Time to finish the hamstrings off with a simple uphill backwards run.
  • Finally, partner carries. I started with an over the shoulder carry of Ronan, but I really should be doing a proper fireman’s lift if I’m going to do it that way. Had time to get a nice high five between Brendon and I whilst being piggy-backed.
Thanks again to HINGe for the music and all of my students that agreed to appear in the video.

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