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Movement Circuit – August 2014

August’s Movement Circuit is up, this time my good friends HINGe kindly gave me one of their songs that seemed to fit the circuit pretty well to use in the video. For this month’s circuit I tried to take a few of the moves back to basics so that we could concentrate on form.

Here is a breakdown of the movement in this circuit

Crawl – A simple crawl with knees off the ground; I told everyone to concentrate on keeping our knees and bums lower this time to improve on last month’s.

Forward Crab Walk – I great shoulder mobility exercise and glute workout, we tried to concentrate on keeping our bums higher this time, but as you can see that still needs some work.

Forward Roll – I really enjoy this exercise, I’ve borrowed it from Parkour and MovNat. This time both Yury and I managed to do it from standing, Kamil performed an easier gymnastics roll. You can see that I need to do some work on my weaker side, it feels quite awkward when I try it.

Broad Jumps – Last time we did them up the hill, I took it back to the grass so that we could work on our form a bit, the main aim was to concentrate on bending our knees when landing to protect the back.

Uphill Forward Lunge Walk – A tough exercise on the quads and glutes, I really need to work on my balance when doing this. Special shoutout to the woman who copied us, I wasn’t aware of this until I watched the video, she needs to get that knee a little lower though.

Uphill Backwards Run – A great hamstring burner.

Frog Jumps – One of my favourite exercises, simple but extremely effective.

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