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Current Training Schedule

I think a good first post would be to introduce my current training schedule. I’m originally from England where I first took up running but 2 years ago I moved to Sydney where I have since taken up a new lifestyle of doing all my training in the park. To be more precise Wentworth Park in Ultimo near to my work place. Anyway back on topic, my current training plan looks like this:

  • Monday – Bootcamp at work ran by workmate Grant, this usually involves calisthenics combined with some kettlebell work.
  • Tuesday – I run a 1 hour condensed “Grease the Groove” session with a few mates with the aim of increasing our 1 set max in our chosen exercises.
  • Wednesday – I train with my Personal Trainer Iker Zabarte at Observatory Hill, this session varies quite a lot but we are currently working towards strengthening the imbalances in my injury-proned right leg.
  • Thursday – I run a Push, Pull and Handstands session at lunchtime. This generally involves 2 rounds of Convict Conditioning Pushups, Pullups and Handstands at everyone’s current level, we then move onto other forms of push and pull exercises such as dips, weighted pull ups etc. This week I am adding Convict Conditioning 2 Grip training into the plan.
  • Friday – My final session for the week involves 2 rounds of Legs, Leg Raises and Back Bridge Convict Conditioning at everyone’s current level then a mixture of other similar exercises as well as a mini circuit around the park which I adjust every few weeks.
I’ll go into more detail in posts on these in the future as well as post some videos from these sessions hopefully showing the progress of myself and the guys I train with. As for my running I currently have a slight ITB issue which has kept me from entering my 5th half marathon this weekend, but is getting better so hopefully be back running soon.

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