Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Up-hill Lunge Walk

As part of my Friday training session we do a mini circuit that I change every 4 weeks. The current circuit is as follows:

  1. Standing feet together long jumps for around 20m.
  2. 5 Pullups (negatives for those who can’t perform pullups and 10 reps for those who have passed level 2 of the century test.
  3. Crawling for around 20m
  4. Run up some steps and over a bridge over the road.
  5. Up-hill Lunge walk for around 20-30m.
  6. Run back down to the park.
  7. 10 x Parallel bar swings

It’s a nice little circuit and a great  way to finish the training session as well as the week. The up-hill lunge walk is particularly challenging, to make this more difficult I also lean forward which puts more emphasis on the glutes. I recommend giving this a try, it will certainly give you a good glute workout.

My pistol squats are coming on well, I can now complete 5 x 4 sets on each leg, I just need to improve the form and try and keep the non-standing leg straighter.

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