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Maximum Potential Calisthenics

Take a Step Back to Take Two Steps Forward

I have a very minor niggling injury that keeps reoccurring when I do too many ring muscle-ups. It’s a pain in my forearms and makes them extremely tight. The advice I’m getting on this is I just need to keep working on it to strengthen the forearms. The problem with this is I can only do one ring muscle up in a row so it give me little chance to build multiple reps to really work on the weakness.

For this reason I’ve decided to take a step back from ring muscle ups and work on ring dips and false grip pullups instead. This is what I define as the stage below ring muscleups, I only stayed on this progression for a week or so as I quickly realised I could do a muscleup. This time I’ll work it solidly for a few months, especially on improving the depth in my ring dips, before going back to the muscleups.

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