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Grease the Groove Training Session

Note: This is an old post, I have since written an updated post on how to Grease the Groove with calisthenics to improve strength.

Tuesday I had my Grease the Groove training session. For those of you who don’t know what Grease the Groove is, it’s a phrase termed by Pavel Tsatsouline which is a training method whereby you do high sets throughout the day to stay fresh and avoid muscle failure. As we train this in an hour lunch block, we adjust this idea slightly and compress it into 30 second rest period with around 40 – 60% of your one set max.

Previous weeks I have been working the Close Hand Pushups pretty hard, however as I’m hoping to reach progression level on Thursday I thought it would be better to have a bit of rest for my pushups, furthermore we smashed the pushups in Grant’s bootcamp on Monday. This week I did pullups (6 reps), handstands (10 – 20s), left leg pistol squat (1 rep), right leg lunges with left leg elevated (6 reps).

The reason I did left leg and right slightly different is that my left leg has perfect form for a pistol whereas my right has quite bad stability issues so was concentrating on keeping my knee tracking my toes and my foot point forward with the lunges. The handstands are now in there as I’m struggling to get past 1 minute let along get to the 2 minute progression level, I’ll work this for a few weeks and see if I see some improvement. Probably did around 15 sets in total which when you add them up is quite a lot of reps, this training has really helped my close hand pushups in the last month or so.

Finally I managed to run to work yesterday with no pain in my knee, it’s only 2.5km but a good start to getting back from my injury. Tomorrow is Push, Pull, HSP and Grip training where I’ll hopefully finally progress with my PU.

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